We’re losing money - help!

Are you an aged care facility struggling to make ends meet?

Would you like more money to be able to improve care and quality of life for your residents?

The three biggest problems providers tell us they have are:

  • Documentation not matching care resulting in validation downgrades

  • Lack of evidence to support a higher ACFI claim

  • Care staff understanding the importance of their role in ACFI funding

ACDN will undertake a free ACFI health check to determine the potential improvement that can be gained.


Working alongside your staff to build their skills and capacity, our team quickly assess and address the key issues.


An implementation and rectification plan is developed and implemented.


At ACDN we don’t just ‘hit and run’ like so many other organisations.  We maintain and ongoing partnership to ensure you maintain your optimised funding levels. 

This includes:

  • ACFI pack audits

  • Regular desktop reviews

  • Staff coaching and education

  • Meeting, coaching and providing information to leadership teams to help them continue driving progress

This is a no risk process.  If there is no fee increase, there is no charge.

Book a call now for your free ACFI health check.