Our residents hate our food and we are spending a fortune on it - help!

“The dining experience is not a one-off event – it’s the very essence of how you create ongoing memories of fine food, fellowship, good health and happiness” 

-Jo Cleary-

Dining is not just eating – it’s an experience and one that can bring comfort, social interaction and engagement for residents in an Aged Care Facility.  For many, other activities are no long possible and it is the one area where homes can really engage with their residents for a win/win outcome for everyone.


Dining in aged care in no simple matter.  Meeting nutritional requirements, providing choice and creating an enjoyable experience can be challenging.  


Getting it wrong results in residents losing weight and becoming ill, complaints and wasted money in food and process wastage.

Our Dining experts will comprehensively review your end to end dining management systems and processes.  This includes:

  • Strategy – clarity, meeting vision, future-proofing
  • The Dining Experience – how to get it right any time any place
  • Texture Modified Meals – nutritious, delicious looking and tasting food that is worth eating
  • Menus – on trend, variety, desirability
  • Equipment – capacity and utilisation
  • Workforce – planning, turnover, absenteeism, qualifications, compliance, progression
  • Training – hospitality, front of house, customer experience (CX). In situ, workshops, partner certification
  • Policies & Procedures – gap analysis, unwritten policies, guidelines for staff, residents, family
  • Roles & Responsibilities – all touchpoints
  • Payroll – base roster, variance analysis
  • Business Intelligence – Analysis and measurement

Technology & Innovation – vision and a workable plan

The result is happier, healthier residents relatives and staff and reduction in costs and waste.