My Carers aren’t even getting the basics right - I need a training program that works

We do a lot of work with organisations that are in a crisis of one sort or another.  One of the common denominators is the skills variability between carers.  Training at one organisation does not equate to the training at another despite the push for ‘standardisation’.  

Training organisations are not created equal.  So if you want to be sure that your carers are approaching care in a standardised manner your onboarding and training program needs to include key competency assessments.

We offer specialty short courses and accredited courses in areas including:

  1. Safety
  2. Administration
  3. Monitoring
  4. Evaluation

Multiple Sclerosis- bringing awareness the chronic disease

MS effects many systems of the body but the type and progress of symptoms will be different for most people. Its affects 25000 people Australia-wide. Those caring for MS patient/residents need to understand the wide range of symptoms they can experience at various stages in their life in order to treat them effectively.

Understanding Dementia

‘Dementia is the loss of everything you know.’ Dementia patients often experience memory deficits, intellectual decline, communication problems and personality changes to name a few. We teach you how understand their disease to communicate and approach them to prevent adverse behaviours and give them the appropriate care they need.

Plus Program

Our Plus Program is a person-centred program that focuses on behaviour and wellbeing to empower staff to continuously endeavor for quality care in their workplace. Our experienced healthcare professionals will work with you to examine any issues that need improvement, and establish a program where staff can learn about the relevant skills and knowledge for individual and workplace advancement.


Through our Solutions to Excellence Program – S2E, we build the internal capability and skills to deliver improved productivity, process efficiency and yield results and outcomes. We focus on transferring our knowledge, skills and capabilities into your organisation

The average ROI for our programs are >1500% and our average cost saving is $1.3M per individual program of work per site.

Our training partners are well respected throughout the industry for delivering high quality education that results in better care and better outcomes for residents time and time again.

Please contact us for any customised programs you are seeking that are currently not listed.