Our files and records are a mess - help!

‘According to a 2001 white paper by IDC, workers who manage, create, or edit documents for a company were spending up to 2.5 hours per day searching for what they needed.’

Do the math – for a small organisation of just 20 people this equates to 60 hours per day of time wasted.  In dollar terms that’s approximately $1500 per day.

And then there is the space taken up by documents stored and archived.  Without an effective storage and destruction system organisations may be taking up valuable real estate storing documents that are no longer required.

Can you afford not to get your files in order?

Standardised naming conventions and filing of both electronic and paper documents make document searching quick and easy.

Storing and destroying documents is a legal risk area – having an effective system in place ensures that your organisation is compliant and reduces the costs associated with storage.

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